We are hoping to get our son in to a charter school for next year (and beyond). The school is 30-45min away from our home and we have a friend who is also looking to get her son in to the same school.

Her DH passes by the school on his way to work. She casually mentioned that her DH would drive their son to school every day (and I would drive our son), then we could alternate pick-up duty. However, we have two other friends whose children are in their second year at the school, and they carpool with each other. One of their husbands works near the school, he drives both kids to school every day and the mothers split pick up. The one who is not married to the drop off guy picks up 3 days/week, while his wife does 2 days/week.

My question is, is it reasonable for me to ask my friend for a similar arrangement? With my husband dropping our son off at their house in the morning (their house is on the way to his work), so they wouldn't have to go out of their way to pick him up. Is it unfair for their family to do all of the drop-off duty and half of the pick-up duty...even with her DH driving that way regardless?