So i was just now taking a nap.......some weird stuff happened.....then im outside of the store in the parking lot....4 pregnancy tests start developing all different ones cause im just testing them out...hoe i peed on em? dont ask me it was a dream. so i look at em and all of a sudden they are all positive and no joke i got so excited in my dream i started looking for my camera cause i was thinking how you guys would want to see picsWell then my alarm went off But no lie all 4 tests very quickly had those huge 2 pink lines i was in shock and disbelief! OMG!!! that just got me so excited...sorry im ranting...ive never had one of those dreams before and i could feel the exciment in my dream so much! I O'd on the first so that would make me...5 DPO?? ok thats it just thought yall would like to know!!!