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    DD3 has horrible, recurrent diaper rashes. They look like yeast rashes with open sores and redness. We got a script for Nystatin which I have been using for the past month. It will seem like it is going away and looking great then BAM it's back with a vengeance. I have tried EVERYTHING - airing her out, different diapers, different wipes, different butt creams (like at least 5), grapefruit seed extract, cornstarch....the problem with trying to air her out is that she poops constantly so I have to keep wiping her and I can't get it dry enough. She also always poops so she is constantly in a poop diaper.

    The doc has been saying the constant poop was mostly normal but by now he would have thought it would change in frequency and consistency as it's kind of watery.

    He said he could prescribe a med for the rash that should knock it out and/or to start giving her some rice cereal in a bottle which will bind her up a bit and should cause her to poop less and make it less watery which will help the rash since she wont be in it all the time. She is 100% breastfed btw (I would have to pump).

    On another note - she spits up ALL THE TIME. My clothes and floors are covered with it! We both change clothes multiple times/day.

    WWYD? Would you just try the script first to knock it out and hold off on the solids? Would you try the rice route instead of using the meds (which I am hoping would also help the spitting up)? My instinct is to go the non-med route but I don't like the idea of rice cereal OR starting solids at 3 months.....


    ETA: I don't think she would take any cereal from a spoon - she has a major forward tongue thrust.
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