My immune system is just going nuts. I saw my allergist yesterday and she also thinks that something autoimmune is going with my worsening symptoms. She asked for a list of all the remaining tests that the RE wants to do and for his number. She is going to call him and try to figure out what tests should still be done on me - she will order anything that she can in hopes that the insurance will cover it. We might move from our condo very soon since I was 100% fine when we moved back in. Within two weeks I miscarried a baby at 12 weeks, then had a severe headache lasting 3 weeks until I went on antibiotics and steroids (ok for pregnancy). I then miscarried my second child right after starting those drugs and 3 days after the medication was done I started with the chronic hives. One month later I went on steroids for the hives since they were getting worse not better, about 10 days later I miscarried my third child in a row. So we stopped trying to get pregnant. I then went on a double dose of antihistamines and once the hives were gone I started having asthma attacks again after none for five years. Once that was under control with more medication, I started having joint pain. So here I am with referrals everywhere and lots of tests to do. Before we moved in I was on two medications and now I am currently on six, not including two rounds of oral steroids and one round of antibiotics. I feel awful and have gained over 10 pounds in this time period...7 in the last 3 weeks.

So hopefully the fact that my allergist and RE thinks that this is all interesting, they will figure it out.

I just had to get that all out.