So a couple weeks ago we met with a geneticist. They gave us our options of what we can do with my translocation. Well they said I have about a 15% chance of getting a good egg on our own but that is not good odds. They gave us the name of a RE/geneticist that is willing to take our case on and give us a good deal on IVF with PGD but its still high at 12,000 a try. Or we could go on to DE and it only be 4,000 a try plus the initial legal fees. Which we have been talking to a lawyer and he is going to give us a great deal of the fees being $600 for 2 rounds vs $500 per try because he knows what it is like to experience IF and he wants the court fees to be covered. So after almost 20 months and 6 m/c we are finally on a path that is more then likely to give us #2! So until March when we start the process I will be creeping here and there. Its great to be back in the game!