I know it's probably just protocol but...

My 2.5y/o ate pokeweed berries the other day (they're toxic). She was outside with three of her siblings (my 9y/o was the oldest one out there) within view of the house (DH and I both were home but inside).

Anyway, the 9y/o brought her to the house as soon as she saw that she was eating them. By this time though my 2.5y/o was covered in purple (looks like she was probably squishing them and wiping her hands on her clothes) and it was obvious she had been eating them since even her tongue was purple (she was wiping her tongue so I assume they didn't taste very good).

I put her in the tub and called poison control. I wasn't terribly worried but needed to know what I should do since I didn't even want to let her drink anything without getting some information first.

So I explain to the RN on the phone what happened and she asked how many berries she ate. I said I didn't know but she's completely purple so I'm assuming at least 1/4cup or however many she could fit in her mouth at once (DD is kind of a glutton, lol ). The woman gasped and said: "That many?!?" and I reiterated I didn't know for sure, I was just guessing so she said: "Oh, okay, she probably didn't eat very many then." .

Then she proceeds to take down my info, ask if the child was supervised and by who and how old the person supervising was, If she goes outside without supervision often, etc...at this point I'm wondering why does it matter and for heaven's sake what am I supposed to be doing for DD??

I interrupted her and asked if there's anything I should be doing right *now* (drink of milk, water, etc..) and she said: "Oh...just wipe her mouth out and give her sips of water...if she throws up you're not going to want it to be a lot and probably not anything you don't want to clean up ). Well, I wasn't worried about cleaning up vomit...just wanting to make sure she's going to be fine and if there's anything I should be watching for other than a bellyache.

Oy, anyway, it frustrates me that she seemed far more concerned about whether or not she was supervised while eating the toxic berries than the fact that she actually had eaten them .

While camping, one of my DDs ate my thyroid meds (I had no idea she could even reach them!)...I called poison control and had to take her to ER where they gave her activated liquid charcoal (she still developed hyperT symptoms and I had to take her back the next day for follow up...poison control called several times to check up on her). They didn't question me at all like that...neither poison control OR ER.

So is it normal for them to question like that...especially *before* they give instruction about what to do for the child you're calling about?