I am still not letting myself read into any of the "symptoms" I am having....but I have a question.

A few nights I went to bed, and when I woke up the following morning, I swear my boobs went up a cup and a half. They aren't exactly sore, just kinda tender. (For instance: my husband hugged me when I got home, and they were defiantly sore then, but if I just touch them, they aren't.) Is this a normal thing? Because prior to going off of BC a year ago when we started TTC, my boobs had NEVER been sore before, on or off BC. Went off BC last October, and for about 3-4 months they were sore each month (I attribute that to getting of the BC, and little else). I haven't had sore breasts like this (other than those 3-4 months) before.

I know it's hormones, and I am trying not to read into any of the symptoms anymore, because every time I do, and I have the slightest hope that I may actually pregnant, I am disappointed, and I don't want to go through that again this month. I have already made up my mind I am NOT testing at all this month, and will just go to the OB-GYN on the 15th. (AF is supposed to make her arrival on the 10-11).

Just curious.......