I get so tired of the look I get when people ask about Sophia's age. Sophia is small at 1% for weight and 2% for height. As far as I am concerned I am lucky she is alive because the doctors scared me with the idea she might not make it pass the 38 week mark when I was pregnant with her because of GD. I know strangers do not know that but, I always get the face when I say she is 10 months old. The same look of is when I tell people I am 23 when it has come up. OMG you look like your 14! People are RUDE!!! Its not like she is 1% for weight and 99% or height or vice verse. I ask about babies' ages just because I am wondering but, I never comment on the baby's weight. I just love to about how old they are and compare birthdays.

That's all.