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    So a few weeks ago Olivia decided she doesn't need a nap anymore. This just simply isn't the case but it's just darn near impossible to get an almost 3 year old to recognize this So we are trying rest time in the afternoons - I have pushed them back to as late as 3 pm - and she just won't fall asleep. Until around 5 pm. Then she conks out basically wherever she is - on the couch/floor/bed/car/etc. It hasn't been messing up her bedtime too much (more like 9 pm instead of 8 or 8:30) so I've been letting it go. But I'm just wondering if there are any tricks on getting her to go down earlier so it won't push bed time any later?! She has to be up by 6:45 on her 2 school days - we have to be out the door by 7:40 at the very latest to get her there by 8:05. So I don't want her up any later the nights before school! Any suggestions?? TIA!

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    My three year old decided she didn't need naps anymore but by 5:00, she was a blubbering mess and I have three older kids and we always have activities after school so we are constantly running....anyway, I give her a portable DVD player and let her watch a movie but only in her bed and most of the time she ends up falling asleep. Can you give her special books or quiet activities that she can only do in her bed?

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    Can you do an earlier lunch? Mine always napped right after lunch so if I want them to nap earlier I tend to move up lunch. Good luck!
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    this has been us for several gets better and she stops napping for a couple of days but most of the time she is too tired and falls asleep around 4:30 or 5 or even as late as 5:30....
    we just go with the flow because nothing will prevent her falling asleep when she is ready...she fell asleep sitting in the potty about 2 months was very funny

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    I have been letting DD2 watch TV but it's not working and I refuse to let her sit there for hours watching TV waiting for her to fall asleep. She slept from 4-5:30 yesterday and was up until 10pm... I would love to get her to sleep at 12ish or even 1pm but it wont happen.

    What about a car ride? I would do that if I didn't have DD3...
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    We are right there with you. My 3 year old naps about 50% of the time and only when she has a forced quiet time in her bed with books to read. She can't come out of her room until she has been quiet for 30 minutes. Some days she is never actually quiet and those days she doesn't nap, I do go in to remind her that she can't come out yet because she isn't being quiet. If she has not napped and we are in the car around 5 pm, she'll just fall asleep and when we get home 80% of the time she just goes to bed and sleeps until the normal time in the morning. The other times she wants to eat something before going to bed and that is fine, too. Her normal bedtime is 7:30 so going to bed at 6:15 - 6:30 isn't disruptive to her schedule.

    My DD does share a room, though, and she is nearly always awoken in the morning by her brother. So, this might make her more likely to nap or go to bed earlier than other kids who wake up by themselves. She would probably sleep to 7:30 on her own but my DS is up by 6:15 every single day.
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    Thanks for the support - sorry so many of us are trying to figure this out, but it is encouraging to know it is normal for her age! We try quiet time, but she just won't fall asleep. A couple of times she fell asleep watching a show in my bed rather than in her own room - and I would happily take this if she would do it consistently. But it is hit or miss. And I know the car will work, but with the new baby coming I just don't know that we can get into the habit of an afternoon drive every day. I guess we just need to follow her lead and if she is going to nap late, we'll just go with that for now. She will be sharing a room with her baby brother shortly after he is born (most likely) so we could be in the same situation where she wakes up earlier on his schedule and starts napping a little earlier again. We'll just have to play it by ear and see what happens! If she isn't going to nap consistently, I would love to just push her bed time up to 7 or 7:30. But when she crashes at 5, it makes it hard to move it up. Thanks again for the responses!

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    This doesn't give a definitive answer, but I too run into the same issue every few days, so I looked around:
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