My 14 month old has been EBF and has refused all bottles and pacifiers, I am a SAHM and it really has never been a problem. However, he has also been a night nurser and at this point I have had my full of night nursing and using me as a pacifier. Recently he will not let me put him down after he falls asleep at the breast, he instantly flips over, stands up and screams. When I go in to rock or hold him he is irrate and often will not go back down - leaving me with a baby that is up till 1am or I just put him in bed with me and let him nurse to sleep and cosleep. It's been over a year and our night nursing has now turned into him switching sides all nigth long - seriously I think we do this dozens of times. I am at wits end. I have no time to myself at night and no time with my husband - we haven't even slept in the same bed for about a year now. I love breastfeeding but I need to drop this nursing and I don't know how. My first son we would give a bottle to in the night or he would let my husband rock him with a pacifier - this one wants no part of that. Any advice, I think our only choice is going to have to be crying it out which breaks my heart but I know after a few rough nights it will be okay and I feel like right now I am just making him a bad sleeper - he won't nap for me either unless in the car or being held. This has just really affected me mentally lately and feel like it causing me depression, I love my son but I have no life lately.