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Thread: Advice would be nice....

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    Cool Advice would be nice....

    So heres the deal. My hubby and i want another baby. We have a 3 year old after her i got the mirena i got it removed 4/26/12 i had very unpredictable periods for a few months. My last period was 8/20/12 i didnt have another. So i thought awesome finally we got it. I took a home test it came back with 2 lines but it was very faint. I went to the dr and took and urine test there and theres came back neg. i still had symptoms, swollen tender breasts, nausea, and sleepyness. S i took another home test a few days later it had 2 lines again this time the second was still faint but a litle darker. I have an appt on monday to get a blood test hopefully but on 9/30/12 i started cramping and have been bleeding since i believe i am done now. It felt like a normal period but im not sure. I still feel nauseas a lot and still have swollen tender breasts. Could i spbe pregnant or could i have never been.

    Thanks for the help

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    That's a tough one, I'm really not sure. But the blood test should give you some answers.

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    You blood test will give you answers. Possibly you had a chemical pregnancy (very early loss). I've had two, and they are horrible. Was it a full flow period? If it was extremely light it may have been spotting and you might still be pregnant, but if it was heavy flow with cramping likely it was a chemical.
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    I just had a chemical pregnancy in August. They are terrible! Why are they making you wait to get a beta drawn? My doc faxed a slip to the lab and 3 hours later I had my results. Depending on your flow, I agree with Gwenn. Good luck, sweetie!

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    The urine tests at the doctors office sucks.. when i was pregnant in jan 2o11 my blood hcg levels were 250 but the doctors office test were negative.. n i had got a postive on a digital test that morning

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