I second the Florababy suggestion .

Wanted to comment about the burning. When I took my 6th baby to the pedi at 3wks for reflux her throat, mouth, nasal passages, and upper lip (she refluxed out her mouth and nose) were all sore and inflamed from the reflux...I can only imagine what her esophagus must have looked like! The pedi said the meds would keep her from further damage but the tissue that is inflammed/burned would take time to heal. I noticed a difference in the crying/arching after 3days on prevacid and by 3wks she seemed like a new baby...happy as ever (I had eliminated dairy/soy too so I'm assuming that helped with the degree of reflux too).

My pedi said the same thing about the paci. I had never done a paci for any of my babies until the last 3 because of reflux. It has helped and although I'm not fond of using them (lol, it's a love/hate thing ) it's worth it.

Thinking of you (((HUGS)))...praying the smaller/frequent feedings help and Libby is on her way to some super happy, growing days !