So, I’ve posted a couple of times regarding Libby and reflux. I’m really stressing out about her eating habits, which are declining.

Quick background: Libby was born with IUGR. She weighed 4lbs 5oz at birth (37 weeks). She dropped down to 3lbs 14oz at one point, and had to hang out in the hospital to get the hang of eating. We BF’d until she hit her lowest weight, and then I started feeding her expressed BM. Fast forward two months…Doc and I decided to start fortifying her BM to 24 cals b/c, while she was gaining, she was only gaining about 4-6oz/week and they wanted to see more like 8oz/week.

She’ll be 4 months next Fri, so in the past 2 months we’ve been fighting with the right fortifier to use, eliminating dairy from both of our diets, etc, because now she’ll take 2oz and start screaming bloody murder. Sometimes she’ll refuse feedings altogether. Other times she’ll get super squirmy towards the end of her feeding. She’ll suck, turn her head and break suction, come back and suck, turn her head and break suction, repeat. We started her on Zantac last week.

I’m at a complete and total loss as to what to do. I tried spacing out her feedings to every 4 hours. Her patterns are not changing. Her 9:30a feeding is particularly rough, and she eats at 5:30a prior to that, so in my mind she should be hungry, right? I really don’t care how much she takes per feeding, as long as she gets her total volume in per day (which should be a min of 18.3oz based on her weight…9lbs). She’s only barely taking her min, and some days she gets as low as 15oz.

Could she not like the taste of the fortifier? Is she really just not hungry? This is my third child. I feel like I should know how to care for her, but I’m a mess! I’ve been pumping exclusively for almost 4 months now, my right nipple has been cracked and bleeding for at least 2 of those months, and I feel like my milk isn’t even enough to sustain her.

What would you do?

(ps, Pedi is scheduling a GI appt, but I haven't heard back from them, yet, and it could take up to 3 months to get in. I feel like I need to be doing something at home with her in the meantime besides eliminating dairy and adding zantac.)