According to a due date calendar I am 5.5 weeks pregnant. Which could be or I could be roughly 3 weeks pregnant because my husband and I had sex twice last month. Once in the beginning and once towards the end. Anyway I found out I was pregnant a little over a week ago. A few days later I started spotting brown blood. Nothing major but when I wipe it's brown. Happens a couple of times a day. I have had no real pain. It has now been 5 days and I am nervous. I went to the doctor yesterday and they took blood as well as an ultrasound. Didn't really see anything but he said I could possibly be not as far along as we think. I have to go back in a few days for more blood and then wait a few days to find results. I am so upset and am trying to remain positive. Has anyone else had this happen and did it result in bad or good. Please be honest and describe in details. Thanks in advance!!