So last night my DH and I started getting intimate, the past few days my sex drive has increased a noticeable amount, which is WEIRD for me, usually he has to warm me into the idea for almost 10-20mins before I am ready to go but the past few days I have been ready to go before him! Anyway we were getting intimate just foreplay and well BAM the phone rings! So I was getting restless waiting for him to hurry to phone call up and decided I'd keep myself busy well I reached down and felt something weird, a 'clot' like glob. So it was dark and I gathered some of the glob and brought it towards the light and it stretched from down there to my chest level and was clear! It was egg white mucus!!!! I had never had it before and was shocked! There was a lot of it and very stretchy and slimy and there was a lot of it! Is this the elusive egg white mucus that marks I O'd?? I had those + OPKS the past few days but didn't take one yesterday because I think I was confusing myself and wanted to eliminate it. I started my Provera last night too, after DTD. This morning I checked my cervix and it was almost 'fuzzy' and slimy but soft and open!

Did it happen?! I think it did! So I am starting pineapple core today but thought I had had a + OPK back on CD 18 but now I am not so sure due to all the other signs this time. But could it mean something else too?