back when ds moved up to being a nursing toddler. I had plenty of support to breastfeed when he was a baby, but moved into unfamiliar territory when nursing him after a year. I'm so glad I followed my gut and kept going to 30 months. After dd was born it was just the norm and I didn't worry about continuing to nurse her while pregnant and wasn't even concerned about the thought tandem nursing. This had been such a blessing for me in the last few weeks. First, while still in the hospital, every time a new nurse came in after my boys had passed, she would get this worried look and start to gently suggest things I should be doing to suppress my milk coming in. I imagine that having milk come in is one of the hardest things most of the mothers who lost their baby/babies like I did deal with. I was able to tell the nurses that I was still nursing my two-year-old and was not worried about my milk. Then when it did come, I only had two days of slight engorgement and it's been smooth sailing since. It's been such a relief that I didn't have to deal with the emotional and physical pain and it's been helpful for dd to be able to still have that connection with me while we've been dealing with such an emotional experience.

This may be kind of a weird post, but I just had to express how grateful I am for the support I got here (and just by reading because I never really posted many questions). You ladies are THE BEST!