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    Default Weird symptoms, please read

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and I need some help deciphering my symptoms (or possible symptoms).

    Date of my last period: August 23rd

    Date of unprotected sex: September 15th

    Period was due: On or around September 21st

    I apologize ahead of time for the TMI.

    Beginning this past weekend I had mild cramps, slightly sore breasts, slight nausea on and off, a metallic taste in my mouth on and off, headaches on and off, fatigue on and off, severe insomnia (not something I usually suffer from), bloating, a white discharge, more frequent urination, some very minor bouts of an upset stomach, hot flashes, darkened nipples, some abnormal phlegminess, and no period.

    Today most of the symptoms disappeared. I'm tired and sluggish I feel a tiny bit like I have a very minor cold, but that could be from not sleeping, and I've had VERY VERY mild cramps and twinges in my lower abdomen, and a very slight metallic taste in my mouth (I've been drinking lots of OJ to get rid of it, something I don't usually drink much of) but that's it. My breasts don't hurt, my nipples are lighter (still a tiny bit darker than usual but not as dark as they were this weekend), and I feel fine in general. I know my calendar was off, but why did I miss my period? And why have I had random cramping but no bleeding?

    I took a home pregnancy test today and it came up negative. Is it too early for symptoms? Was it too early to test? Was I imagining everything? Why did all of those symptoms suddenly disappear (except the fatigue, but again, that could be from the insomnia)?

    Thank you so very much for your help.

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    I would take a test once a week until your next period is due. If you dont have a BFP by then or a period go to your doctor and they will give u a blood test or something to start your period. Arent our bodys so confusing sometimes?!?But ive heard people to not have gotten a BFP until 8 weeks! GL and keep us updated!

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    Thanks Ginger.

    I did end up bleeding moderately for one day, a week late, and then spotting for a few days after. It definitely wasn't a regular period. But I tested again this morning and it's still negative. But to make things even more confusing, some of the symptoms are back. I'm exhausted, I've been having an upset stomach and nausea on and off, some of my favorite foods taste disgusting, my breasts are swollen (but only a tiny bit sore), I have weird cramping (not too bad) in my lower belly/uterus area, I have heartburn, and I'm bloated. Conception would have happened 15-17 days ago..shouldn't I be testing positive by now if I was? Is it possible that I did conceive but it didn't take, and that's why I'm still having symptoms?

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    I'm not sure why your period was so strange, but you would have had to ovulate very late into your cycle in order to have conceived. Normally, ovulation is about 14 days before your period is due, and your unprotected sex was only 6 days before your expected period. For you to have conceived, you would have needed to have had unprotected sex on Sept 5,6, and/or 7, with 7 being your probable ovulation date. Your period can be greatly affected by stress, so it could have been that your stressing about whether you were pregnant or not caused your late and light period. If you're concerned, you might want to see your doctor.
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    Thanks. That's what I thought too, but apparently that 14 day thing isn't always true. Since I wasn't keeping track, I have no idea if I was ovulating at that time or not. I have not been particularly stressed out lately so I don't think that's it.

    A friend of mine who is a nurse told me that the most likely scenario is that I conceived but that it did not implant. She told me to go to the doctor and get a blood test done. Ugh. I'm going to make an appointment today.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Thanks. Still tired all the time, and am mildly crampy..although it's more sore than crampy, in my lower belly. I took the last test on Monday (15 days post-conception) and it was negative. But something feels off...I don't know. Maybe I'm sick or something.

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