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Anyway... I am pregnant with my first. I know I have some time to think about this (I'm only 8 weeks) but the topic came up at work and its been on my mind. I have never been religious per se, I've told people I would keep so and so in my prayers, but in all honesty - I do not pray! Now my siblings and I have all been baptized, but none of us go to church. We did not grow up in a religious household and were not forced to go to church. I have never read the bible... I don't think I believe in what it's saying. I know right from wrong and I don't need "god" or "Jesus" or "heaven" to bribe me to do the right things. This all holds true for my dbf. Now if in 10 years my son or daughter decides they want to go to church, I would never tell them no.

So as I said, the topic of baptism came up at work. A co worker said that no matter what her religious beliefs were, she would baptize her children because they should have that influence [of a higher power] in their life (or something to that effect).

What is your opinion on baptizing if you are not religious? Should every child receive some sort of blessing?