So the last few days, I have been have lots of dreams about bfps. I thought I even peed the bed the one night! lol Anyone else have these kind of dreams? Is my mind psyching me out or is it just my deepest desire? TTC sucks sometimes and I wish it was easy. We had awesome bding when I O'd this month. I don't want to get my hopes up though it is tough. I don't have any pms symptoms, my bbs are tender to the touch, I had a killer migraine last week (@ about 6dpo), my appetite is low and I have lots of tummy flips going on. I have even had some weird feelings to. It feels like my uterus is tightening and then I have twing like pains. I may just be crazy all the way around but I thought I would come to the one place that knows my kind of crazy! Thanks ladies!