Today we got our fingerprints and CPS reports notarized and turned in. We got super lucky. The lady who did our fingerprints was a notary so that was easy. When we went to DSS to drop them off afterward there were two kids in guess is for visitation or something. They were super cute. One was about 12 months, maybe a little longer and she grinned so big and came right up to me. Felt like a sign or something. But yay! Now is another wait. We just have to wait until this stuff comes back. They said it would be 10-12 weeks and then we do our PRIDE class and we'll officially be an open home!

Thankfully, we're crazy busy this time of year. We're already exhausted. Lol. I'm working a lot and DH is in his last semester of college plus he works full time so he's crazy busy. This weekend we're driving 12 hours to visit my family in FL and will be there for about a week. Then we have all of our fun fall activities we do, plus our anniversary, then Thanksgiving and Christmas. We should be certified shortly after that so I think it's good that we're doing this while we're busy. We might need to find a way to be busy though while we're waiting for a placement too. Lol.

Just had to say another yay! Feels good every time we get through another step.