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Thread: November Testers For Hire

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    Default November Testers For Hire

    If no one minds, I'd be willing to do the November Testers thread... I am out for a while due to not O'ing so I need something to keep me occupied... I don't mind if someone else wants to do it either.

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    go for it . I am pretty sure I am out for november due to dnc.

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    Hi, thank you for the thread! I am in for November . Put me for 15th pleaseI am around my big O and did lots of BDing this weekend!

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    Go for it, I won't be testing either, and probably won't be testing for a while. Kinda hard to get pregnant without the swimmers..........

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    You can put me down. I am testing next week sometime if my period doesn't start. I have doubts, but hopeful at the same time. Took my first round of clomid Oct 11-15 and I got a positive OPK test on Oct 20. Problem is, I'm not sure exactly what day I o'd and my husband had to leave for business on the 22nd. I'm suspicious that I o'd on the 23rd...but hopeful that BDing the morning of 22nd was a success. On the Friday night of the 26th I had pretty bad cramping for about 15-20 minutes. Nothing since and no spotting. Boobs are sore, but they always get that way a week before my period. So, we will see..

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