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Thread: Pregnant or Hysterical?

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    Default Pregnant or Hysterical?

    This is a very odd and very specific question, so I'd appreciate any help I could get!

    I'm nineteen years old and a very stressed college student. I have a boyfriend, and the furthest we ever go sexually is him humping me while I have no clothes on and he has on boxers. I sometimes feel as if he is penetrating me, but nowhere near fully (if that makes any sense--I've never actually had sex). He has never ejaculated and the humping never lasts for more than a few seconds. I had a normal period about 23 days ago and am expecting a period on the 28th day. However, about a week and a half ago, my boyfriend was fingering me and stopped when his finger came back bloody. I then noticed a small clot of blood in my underwear a few hours later, and then began to have some thicker white discharge for a few days after that. Since then, I've been very tired and achy all over, especially in my lower back and even in my hands and feet; the tops of my breasts have been sore for the past two days. I haven't had any of the white discharge for about three days. I am not nauseous, do not feel any more or less hungry, and am dehydrated just because I usually am.

    I'm so confused: could I be pregnant from not fully having sex? Could I be having pregnancy symptoms so soon? Could I just be an extremely stressed college student who's having worse PMS symptoms than usual? Could these be ovulation symptoms or pre-period symptoms (even though I usually only PMS a day or so before my period)? Could I even be having a hysterical or false pregnancy? Again, any insight is welcome--I'm worrying myself sick (maybe literally).

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    Your not pregnant you are just stressing. Get on birth control so you have less worries.

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    anaquin Guest


    thanks for your reply. I really hope I'm not... I'm noticing now that I'm a little more gassy than usual, and I often feel like I'm having discharge but nothing is there when I look in my underwear (sorry for the TMI)... still no nausea or dizziness, and I'm still tired a lot but can get through an hour and 15 minute advanced ballet class just fine. this is so confusing!

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    BeckieMagee Guest

    Default I dry humped am I pregnant

    I have to ask a question two ok my boyfriend was wearing under wear and basket ball shorts and I was wearing sofe shorts with a thong and he pre came and when I got up my shorts where wet idk if it was from him or not I mean we both had our clothes on and the problem is I havnt got my period in three months but I'm not regular on it and I pregnant I'm 19 I need to know can someone help

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    You're not pregnant, see a Dr to help regulate your cycle.
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    i agree neither of you are pregnant and yes you can cause yourself to have "false pregnancy" symptoms because of the stress

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    Not preggers, no worries... do get on birth control though for peace of mind...
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