So here is my status, my ND put me on a new herbal pregnancy prep that includes the following herbs: Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex), motherwort, Dong Quai, Unicorn, Alfalfa, Red Rasberry, Tribulus, and Rhodiola Rosea. I am also taking one grain of Nature Thyroid and two pills of natural fish oil pills. In addition, she has me on this vitamin B complex mix drink thing in the morning. I do acupuncture once a week, temp every day and I go in for my CD 21 progesterone test every month. Dr. says once we get a two month view of my cycle, then we can better identify if there is anything looking wierd. Right now, she says on paper everything looks perfect and she is not sure why we are not getting our BFP. Are you kidding me??? Last month my LP was only 9 days but my progesterone came in at 10.9. I am not understanding that scenario! I am glad that nothing is coming up with an issue, but it would be lovely to get our BFP! We have been ttc for over 6 years! I have lost 164lbs in the last year, so who knows if I had been ovulating the whole past 6 years. DH was tested about 5 years ago, the Dr. said it may be worth it to re-test him, do you all feel that is worth the money?

Just wanted to see if anyone had found success with herbs and accupuncture alone? Also, I will wait to see what this cycle looks like, but would you be concerned with the short LP? Thanks!!