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Thread: hey there to me about reflux

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    Default hey there to me about reflux

    so i think my sweet declan may be dealing with reflux. i know some of the signs and i read the sticky but what are some of the remedies without rice cereal....

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    I've seen other moms say a chiro. Might also want to try different holds where he is more upright and keep him upright after feedings. A mattress wedge in his crib if you use one. I didn't deal with reflux myself. Sorry I couldn't help more!!

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    What are his symptoms? I'm pretty sure we were dealing with reflux, I mentioned in another thread just yesterday that she still "throws up in her mouth" on a fairly regular basis. But really she wasn't miserable, she didn't projectile vomit (I think she swallowed more than she spot out), she wasn't losing weight, and other than wanting to nurse all.the.time. she didn't have a ton of other signs.

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    Symptoms I see: Frequent hiccups Lots of spit up Random scream/cry for 45 min. after nursing Does better when slightly upright
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    My DD had reflux with projectile vomiting starting at two weeks of age. She could not sleep since she was in so much pain, it was awful. She needed the max dose for her weight (continually upped until 9 months of age) of medication to reduce the acid and hence the pain. I needed to avoid dairy, soy and fried foods for the projectile vomiting to stop. After all that, she still spit up a ton but it was without pain.
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    just moving him to sleeping angled and eating angled has helped a ton!!!

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    just moving him to sleeping angled and eating angled has helped a ton!!!
    Glad he's doing better, and with such simple and natural interventions!

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