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Thread: Does this look normal?

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    Default Does this look normal?

    This is my ultrasound from my appointment yesterday I thought I was 7w3d but that is based off a 28 day cycle which I dont have. Normally its between 33 and 36 days. Every month is different. I think this looks more like 6 weeks but I'm nervous because he didn't see a hb and I thought I would be able to even at 6 weeks. Does anyone have any similar experiences where they didn't see a hb at 6 weeks but saw one later on? I'm just so nervous. I need something to ease my mind.

    I also did post this in April dd but I thought I'd post here in case some ladies dont go into dd rooms much .

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    I've always had vaginal ultrasounds that early. It usually isn't until 8 weeks or so that my doctor even attempts a regular ultrasound. So, if this was a regular ultrasound I'm not surprised that you didn't see much/detect a heartbeat.
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    He didn't even mention doing a vaginal ultrasound . I am having another done tonight on a better machine and in three weeks I'll see him again for another one

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    I agree with pp. All of my u/s that early have been vaginal. I've never even had a doctor try externally that early. I wouldn't panic because it's just too hard to see anything like that, that early.

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    Thanks ladies I am feeling better about it. Of course I won't feel completely relaxed until I hear/see a heartbeat but I am feeling better!

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    This happened to me as well.... From my calculations, which should have been pretty good considering I was temping and charting....I should have been over 6 weeks. Had some bleeding, went to the ER, got an ultrasound and the tech said, "There is no way you are 6 weeks" There was nothing visible on the ultrasound at all except really thick lining. My HCG came back at 1200. I went to my OB a day or so later, and he saw the yolk sac and fetal pole. Anyway, my DD is now almost 6, so it did work out. I still think my calculations were correct, as she was born 4 weeks early and was 8 lbs, 1 oz and very healthy, I think they just develop at different paces in the beginning...
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    He did point out the fetal pole to me... So that must be a good sign. I have to start drinking the water soon for my ultrasound tonight... Which is gonna suck! I am peeing like every hour so holding it will be awful lol.

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    I've only had vaginal ultrasounds at that point, because you can see a lot more that way in these early stages of pregnancy. I was able to see a HB at 6 weeks, but like I said, they would only do vaginal u/s. Drinking all the water and holding it was no fun, but once I actually got to see the screen I forgot about having to pee, b/c it was so cool looking at my baby!

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    Thanks for asking this, christianaaa. I was wondering the same thing myself about vaginal vs regular u/s's. I have one next week Wednesday, and I'll be 6.5weeks. I'm hoping for a HB, but know it isn't necessarily quite at the point where it'll pop up. I'm planning to ask for a vaginal u/s, but I've had them before in that office for ovarian cysts and know they will most likely do a vaginal one...which will be good bc I'll have better info on the bean!!!

    Good luck and KUP on the 2nd u/s!
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    Stopping in- At 8 weeks I could see the baby's heart beat but, they did both a stomach and vaginal ultrasound. They said it will be the most accurate with a vaginal u/s. I do not understand why your doctor did not do a vaginal ultrasound with you being so early.

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