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    Hi Ladies,

    We live in a 2 level townhome as part of an complex and feel we need some sort of security system as there have been quite a few incidents around here. DD sleeps in her own bedroom so we feel we need something ASAP. Not so sure abt ADT and other secirtity systems as they are expensive coming to abt $30 /month...

    Are there any window alarms, security cameras etc that any of you have and would like to recommend? Confused as to what to do??

    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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    We had ADT and did like it, we also have big dogs. We do have a little chime thing on their window. You can have it set to chime or alarm when the window opens. They were nice but the self adhesive didn't hold up for too long. I think DH bought them at Home Depot.

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    No idea what you could get, but I did want to say that it is a really good idea. On Saturday, I got locked out of our house, and broke in. It took me all of 30 seconds, so you can imagine how long it would take a pro.

    If your concern is primarily about y'all being aware when someone breaks in, you can get window/door alarms for a very reasonable price at Home Depot. If it is for when you are not home, you'd likely have to get something like ADT or Brinks. IME (my parents had an alarm not connected to a monitoring company), no one does a darn thing when those things go off.

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    We use an alarm company. A couple houses ago, I remember that one of the big services offered free analyses- where they would come out and try to sell their product + make other suggestions. We did get a couple good ideas for securing the house.
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    We got burglarized before we moved to our new home (thank goodness for rental insurance). So after we moved, we made sure we had a complete system in place. We went/are going overboard on the level of protection but it's really mostly for my peace of mind. Despite that, some homes getting broken into in our area have alarm systems in place. The burglars know they have about 15 minutes or so before cops respond (and that's the best case scenario).

    Anyway, in addition to having a security system, we had installed this motion sensor in some critical spots in our home (where the others alarms may not be tripped):

    Motion Activated Alarm with Keypad

    1. Cheap, you can have many installed
    2. LOUD, you (and your neighbor most likely) would hear it - even when you're on another floor
    3. Haven't had any false alarm (yet). I make sure I install it on places where I know the 'bad guy' might come through - and away from the reach of my kids and other critters. If you have a dog or a cat, and it walks within the range of this alarm, it will get triggered, and you (and your baby) will definitely get woken up.
    1. Not attached to any monitoring service (i.e. it's stand alone). If the burglar sees and realizes this, he can simply yank it off from where you have it attached and throw it out to break it. I see this as an upside too, since you can move it around quite easily to suit your changing needs (sometimes I bring this with me when we travel).
    2. There is a delay (the model we had was about 3-4 seconds). Within that time frame, the burglar may have already gotten part way inside your home.

    **We have over 5 of this in our home. I primarily use this to alert me if there is somebody trying to get in and got past (for some reason) our main security system - and get myself (and my husband with his bazooka) ready

    We also recently got this:
    It was recommended by our friend. This doesn't sound off a piercing alarm - it acts similar to a baby monitor (when something moves within range, it gives you a signal on the monitor which you keep near you at night). You can adjust the setting on this one too (less or more sensitive). Can't comment on how effective or durable it is as we have yet to install it.
    Skylink Motion Alert

    Good luck. I hope you find one that suits your need/budget.
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    We have a monitored system--Ackerman--and it's only 18.95/month. I don't remember the installation being outrageous either, $150-200 and we live in a 2 story home. I feel better with a monitored system.

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    We have ADT. Chimes on the doors/windows and sensors in a couple areas of the house. We pay $20 a month I believe and installation was pretty reasonable because they were running a special.

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    I have spoken with the ADT people before but decided against getting a system as I know a few people who have been broken into with security systems in place yet police did not show up in time and they were burgularized anyway when they weren't home. Also it is rare for anyone to get broken into when you are home. We have a big dog and are firearm trained and have a weapon so I feel comfortable enough not to want a security system, but do keep my ADT sign out front.

    You can also buy home monitoring systems yourself and use all this wealth of technology we have available to be able to view various areas of your home from you PC or even in some instances, a smart phone. There are also motion detectors that chime and alarms you can get for your home that will make a noise when something is open/broken. We have a door chime due to me wanting to be sure that the kids aren't getting out of the house. A nephew of mine wandered out of the house before in the middle of the night from my brother. My youngest brother used to sneak out of the house to go to the store in the middle of the night lol. Once he got hit by a car and luckily made it home but had his leg broken and after that my mom got alarms put on all the doors/windows so she would know when anyone was leaving or opening windows. I thought it was a good idea so have one for my doors too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ky'sMom View Post
    Also it is rare for anyone to get broken into when you are home.
    I was told by 2 alarm companies while researching that this a very common misconception. Home invasions are an increasing problem all around the country. People looking to break into a home are just looking for an easy way in regardless of whether someone is home or not. If they can get in easily without being detected then they are going to go for it.

    We recently got ADT and it was the best money I could have spent. ADT has had a great deal going on recently where you basically get $1800 worth of equipment for free. We were able to swap out some equipment we didn't want for others we did. Like we didn't want the motion detector. If someone is breaking into my house I want to know before they even have a chance to get in. We upgraded and had shock sensors put on all our basement and 1st floor level windows and sliding glass doors. And contact sensors on our 2 steel outside doors. The shock sensors will set the alarm off with any window tampering. So the window doesn't need to break and you don't need to have contact cut for it to set off the alarm.

    For me it was all about piece of mind. At night I'm home alone, I wake up at every little noise and wonder if it's someone breaking in. Since having it installed I've been sleeping better at night. So for me it's worth the piece of mind I get. It's about $40 a month for the service however, if your a member of USAA you can get it for $20-25 a month. To be a member of USAA you just need to be related to someone who has served our country in the military.
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