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Thread: What do you use for a Xmas tree?

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    Default What do you use for a Xmas tree?

    If you use a Xmas tree, what kind of tree do you use?

    We use a fake Xmas tree but my sister has used a light post before and this year she will be using a fake blossom tree.

    The blossom tree is really pretty and I like the idea but don't want to copy her lol. I don't even know if dh would approve of us using something different for a Xmas tree.

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    I have a nice fake tree that we use. I'm pretty traditional and would not want something other than a tree.

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    We dressed up a potplant as a Christmas tree two years ago (an avacado tree to be specific.) It looked kinda cute, but kinda silly. For DS's first Christmas last year I wanted the real deal: a real tree so it would smell like Christmas. Funny how that would seem important even in an atheist household!

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    Sorry! I didn't realize I was posting in Secular
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    DH doesn't feel like it's Christmas unless we have a Noble Fir and glass ornaments. I keep teasing him about champagne tastes, although I guess we don't quite have the beer budget any more. Back when we were just starting out, though, I blew all of my budget on a ton of glass ornaments for our first Christmas together, because he said that anything else wouldn't even be worth doing. Now that we have kids, the glass ornaments are all packed away and we have unbreakable brightly-colored cloth and plastic ornaments and gingerbread men and twinkly lights.

    I actually really love the celebratory part of Christmas. The music, celebration, the spirit, the joy, the thought of spending time together in harmony if my sister didn't get all stressed about everything. I have really great memories of going to Mexico as a child and hanging out on a beach and running around from dawn til dusk and hanging my candy canes on a saguaro cactus. The presents are a side note. The religion is not there. For me, it's all about days off to spend together as a family.

    I would love to hang stuff on a live plant, but I also want to keep my DH's traditions (and my sisters traditions) alive, so I make compromises.

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    We usually go cut down a tree. Last year we used a fake one but I can't remember the exact reason why. I'm sure it had something to do with Sawyer. I don't know what we will do this year fake or real but we will have a regular tree. I love having a christmas tree with lights, especially at night. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings about my childhood. I let the kids decorate completely and don't care at all about what it looks like. It is theirs.

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    We usually get a tree from a tree farm. Anyone who has even casually followed my comments on Christmas know that I am very grumpy/Scroogey/bah-humbuggy about this holiday due to many episodes of family drama surrounding the holiday, but DH loves the traditions from his childhood, so up goes a pointy tree in my living room each year. I prefer getting away to some place exotic. LIke 3andMe, my favorite memories are of yules spent in foreign countries, watching how other cultures celebrate. I have a big, tight-knit extended family, and Christmas isn't our only chance to come together.

    I would not be opposed to a Festivus pole, however.
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    We don't do a tree. Or anything. DH is technically jewish, I ama former christian, we are both strictly secular now. Now that we have a LO, I want to do some type of holiday celebration because I think it can be a fun, even magical time and I think it's important to establish family traditions. My DH is completely NOT into the idea at all and we haven't reached a resolution. I'd like to do a secular xmas but it seems like there's just too much baggage around xmas for both of us.
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    Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love it all, the music, lights, decorations, the whole feeling, and yes all the Christmas movies. I have many cherished memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas growing up. When I was little we had the mandatory real tree that was "flocked", and on it we had blue balls and our homemade kid ornaments. Long before G was born we had a real tree. It smelled good. But it was a real pita. I was vacuuming up pine needles until March. We swore we would never have another real tree, instead get a real wreath if we wanted that pine smell. One year after Christmas we hit the clearance and got a pre-lit fake tree. And a revolving tree stand. It may be totally cheesy but we love it. We have collected many ornaments over the years, so our tree is full. Gilly was in awe of the tree last year. Love it so much.
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    When I was little I remember cutting down a Xmas tree with my family. Maybe when my kids are older I'll do that too, it was fun. But I hate having to clean up the needles for months afterwards lol.

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    I would love to get a real tree like we did when I was growing up in Arkansas, but it's not practical. For now with the kids being their age and how crazy they are, we'll stick to the fake fir tree. I love Christmas, too, just as everyone else has said. It's all about the magical feel of the season for me-the secular part of it...being with family, opening presents, eating lots of rich food and just being happy. Oh, and mulled wine. Mulled wine makes the season!

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    We always get a real tree! Love love live the smell! Nothing says Christmas like the smell of a fresh tree!

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    This year we are getting a fake one I've never had a desire to have a real tree. Our tree will most likely be a 2-3 footer to set on top of the entertainment center this year since we've be moving right before Christmas. They have some $10 one at Wal-Mart with some really cute tiny ornaments to go with it. They even make tiny tree skirts. I am easily impressed. When Wal-Mart marks down the Christmas stuff James has decided to get a discount tree for next year. Gosh I can't believe its 6 weeks away!!
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