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Thread: Pregnant or Cycle change after turning 30 years old?

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    Default Pregnant or Cycle change after turning 30 years old?

    I turned 30 years old in April and since then my cycle has been very off. Since i was 15 years old my period was on a 27-28 day cycle. Like clockwork!!!

    June was 28 days, July was 33 and now its 34 days and still no period. Can this be a age thing or a pregnancy thing?
    My boyfriend & I are active but use condoms.
    My only symptoms are cramps, waking up in the middle of the night (which I never do) & been pretty emotional.
    I actually don't have much of an appetite & my boobs don't hurt.

    Has this happen to anyone else? Did your cycle suddenly change as you got older? Are the odds better that im pregnant?
    I would LOVE some feedback or advice! Thank you!

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    I'm 36 and my periods only changed when I had my first child.

    Sorry I couldn't help more...

    I always knew when I was pregnant when I'd wake in the night in an enormous heat flash and all sweaty!!!!

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    My cycle changed in my late 20s. It went from 28 days to 23/24 days. I think it could be a possibility that your cycle is changing, and it could be a possibility that you are pregnant. Why don't you take a test?

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    I turned 30 last August and since then my cycles have been erratic ranging from 20-45 days...but I also had my tubes tied just a week or so before I turned 30 and I think that had more to do with my cycle changes than my age. 30 is still pretty young as far as most women's menstrual cycles go.

    While condoms do a decent job preventing pregnancy, there is definitely a chance you're pregnant. You should be able to take a test by now. If it's negative I'd wait another week and test again and then perhaps schedule an appointment with your doctor to make sure all's ok.

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    You possibly could be pregnant condoms are fairly effective but, not 100%. Well.. nothing is 100% but, condoms I think might be 90-95% effective. Wait until you are a week late and test.

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    Thanks all!
    Well it has now been 5 weeks since my last period & have never been this late in my life. I took a test first thing this a.m. and came up neg. I feel bloated, moody, crampy & woke up with a cold. Weird to get a cold in the summer. This is giving me such anxiety. I would be happy to be pregnant with my first child. It's the not knowing thats driving me crazy. Not knowing if its just my body changing, some underlining problem or that i'm preggo. I cant pin point how late i really am since late month was the only other month I was a lil off. How much longer should I wait before going to the doctor? Also i'm going out of the country at the end of Sept. so I REALLY need to know asap if im preggo!!
    How long till any of you got a positive test? Did you have weird symptoms before a positive test?

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    I would go ahead and call you doctor's office for an appointment and blood work. Good Luck! I hope you find something out soon. I'm sure it's stressful for you. Oh, I found out rather quickly with both of my pregnancies. First baby was the day I missed my period and the second was about 5 days before my missed period.

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    UPDATE: So its day 41 since my last period. (again I have never been this late or skipped a period in my life)
    Took a test on day 40 and got a Neg.

    Just got back from the doctor.

    Had to see a different doctor because mine was booked. They did a pee test which came up neg. (duhhh i just did one yesterday)
    He did a quick internal check with his fingers & then said get dressed and come into my office. Well he basically said it could be stress. (mind you I am no more stressed than usual! I have had a lot more stressful events in my life then the past 2 months of just being busy)
    I asked if i should get a blood test since maybe my levels maybe too low to read, plus i am planing a trip out of the county at the end of the month & would like to know!! He said NOPE have fun on your trip & if you still don't get your period by then come back & will take blood work.

    So I left the doctors with no relief what so ever! I still could be pregnant and have to play the waiting game. I bacically just took a $47 pee test! Ugh. I'm not going to lie...i feel kinda preggo. I feel off. I am so unbelievably emotional and on edge with my BF, my boobs dont hurt but my nipples do (which is a brand new think to me) This stinks. How am I supposed to go on my trip & have a good time knowing I MAY be pregnant. I now dont want to take xanax on the plane (which was my plan/for anxiety) eat weird foods, drink, taking a 8 hour bus tour with no bathroom on it. ect.

    Any advice????????? PLEASE!!

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    I'm sorry that he wasn't very helpful but my doctor would probably have done the same thing. Did he palpate your uterus while doing an internal? If so, he was actually checking the size of your uterus which should be feeling different/be larger even this early, I think - if you were really between 5 and 6 weeks pregnant. If it also not unusual to feel yucky/different when you haven't had a period for awhile. Women can also delay their period simply by thinking that they are pregnant. It wasn't until I was TTC that my cycles went nuts, too.

    At this point, I really doubt that you are pregnant - but you could ovulate at any time. Have you thought of temping so you can have a better idea if you are even ovulating? You would then have a good idea of when your period is due, too.
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    Thanks for replying JJorn. I dont know if he palpated my uterus, I want to say no. I am still getting cramps like AF will arrive any second but still nothing. According to my calendar I am due to ovulate starting around this friday. Luckily I can usually tell when im ovulating so that should be a sign...right?

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    If you're still getting negatives this late in your cycle and the doctor checked you and he doesn't think you are pregnant, then chances are you are probably not pregnant. Test before your trip, if it is still negative, go and have a fun time doing whatever it is you want to do/eat/drink!
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    Couldn't my levels just be too low to read on a pee test?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaw View Post
    Couldn't my levels just be too low to read on a pee test?
    It's possible not to get a positive urine test until late in pregnancy -- it's that way for some women. But if the doc did an internal exam, he was probably checking to see if your uterus felt enlarged at all. If it felt like a normal size, he probably felt there's no reason to do further tests right now.

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    Hi. Sorry to tag onto this thread so late, I am just wondering what your change in cycle turned out to be? Were/are you pregnant or was it something else? I hope you don't mind me asking, I am going through the exact thing now...28 day cycle for as long as I can remember but for the past 3 months its 30/31 days, very mild but constant cramping, and other slight pregnancy symptoms. I'm getting negative pregnancy tests.I'm 33. Any advice is really appreciated x

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