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Thread: September Testers

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    I was suppose to test today but I didn't. If I haven't started by the morning, I will be going out to get a test. I am counting myself out though with the cramping, face breakout, and sore nipples(normal before AF shows). I did test on September 26th but it was negative. I was due to start today though. Keeping my fingers crossed though and just wanted to say CONGRATS to all the BFP's this month

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    I've been out for a few days now. blah

    Mary(24) Mark(37) A(15) L(12) Bean Sprout (8/16)

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    Well I am out....on to next month.

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    Sorry. Things have been hectic. Forgot about posting. We got another BFN for September. I'm 7dpo and getting heavy CM and some light cramping. Hoping that's a good sign. Congrats to all who got their BFPs and good luck to those still trying.

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