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    I am done having kids and finally am going to lose the baby weight! I started pregnancy #1 at 123 (just out of boot camp--- pretty unattainable for me in my present lifestyle). Gained 50 with DD1, lost 30. So I was around 145 when I got pregnant with DD2. Gained 40 to max out at 185. My goal is 135.... 10 above my lowest ever. I started dieting four weeks ago and have been very good and very bad. Week One: good, Weeks Two and Three: bad, Week Four: good. So I am down 6 pounds in 4 weeks. Pretty good!

    I'm breastfeeding, so I have to be careful about restricting my calories too much. I eat between 1800-2600 calories a day. 2300-2600 will maintain my current weight, and 1800-2300 will result in a pound loss a week. So I figure that way I can have bad days and still not gain. I like to know the maximum calories so I can "cheat" without gaining. Also, I'm exercising (my hips are still messed up from pregnancy, so all I can do is elliptical and weights). That's my plan!

    Here's what I want to use this forum for: to post my weekly weigh in and have some accountability!

    Thanks for reading! Before shots (2 months post partum):

    Any advice?
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