My last period was July 13-17. I ovulated on July 27. I had unprotected sex (withdrawal method) on July 19, 20, 24. On the 24th, we went twice in a row without him urinating in between which I read leaves sperm in the penis to be released in precum. Normally, I get tender breasts a week before my period but lately it's been right after ovulation up until my period. I usually rarely ever get lower back aches unless it's once or twice a week before my period or during my period. I usually don't start cramping until 5 days before my period also.

O (friday july 27)- pms like cramping, moody, mucus like discharge, lower back aches, constipated, aroused

1dpo- cramping, mucus like discharge, emotional, aroused

2dpo- cramping, headaches, mucus discharge, nausea, tender breasts, increased appetite, a lot of burping(weird.)

3dpo- cramping, headaches, tender breasts and nipples (hurt to take off shirt, spent day without bra), slightly darker areolas, nausea, increased appetite, pulsating stutter feeling in lower abdomen, cloudy urine, white discharge, mucus discharge, pressure in lower abdomen, a lot of burping, aroused, tingling in breasts/nipples

3/4dpo- 2-430am: nausea, heartburn, increased appetite, insomnia, headache, constipation, burping, lower back ache, tingling breasts

4dpo- tender breasts/nipples (not as bad as yesterday, not tender to the brush of finger until later on in the day), cramping, *lower back ache*, increased appetite, burping, acid reflux/heartburn(weird. Never had heartburn ever before this cycle), minor acne on cheeks and nose

5dpo- cramps like AF*, burping, tender breasts/nipples, darker areolas(normal after O and before AF), a lot of lower back aching*, minor heartburn, nausea, tingling breasts (twice), headache, dizzy spells, minor increase appetite, almost threw up(1230am shot up out of bed when trying to fall asleep, turned on lights, and noticed it settling down and drank water, burped, felt fine. Left with heartburn and really hungry and continuing headache and nausea), sharp pain in right side up to ribs

6dpo- AF-like cramping, tender breasts/nipples(not as bad as before but got worse throughout the day), lower back ache, increased appetite, headache, burping, minor heartburn, bloated, cramps and back ache feel like AF, leg aches, ewcm + cm, tingling pressure in uterus, diarrhea, frequent urination, fatigue

7dpo- AF-like cramping, heartburn, nausea, burping, tender breasts/nipples, increased appetite, minor lower back ache(got worse throughout the day), frequent urination, fatigue (5pm-ish), spacey, headache, woke up with stuffy nose on one side(minor), CM(a lot at night)

8dpo- tender breasts/nipples(sides of breasts and nipples. Not as bad), bacon this morning tasted bad/different, little bloody nose on right side, lower back ache, burping, heartburn*, nausea, cramping and twinges, increased appetite, headache, increase anxiety(heartbeat, butterflies), abdominal heaviness/pressure

9dpo- woke up at 5am with nausea then needed to pee couldnt fall back asleep, nausea, tender breasts/nipples, pressure in uterus, lower back ache, diarrhea, headache, cramps like AF after orgasm, frequent urination (can't seem to empty my bladder), burping, increased appetite

I never get heartburn, but I have been a lot. I also hardly ever burp, but I have been after everything I eat or drink. Also, I never wake up in the middle of the night. I usually can sleep through any feeling of sickness or desire to use the bathroom. And the nosebleed yesterday really surprised me since I NEVER get them.