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Thread: Could I be pregnant after a very recent loss?

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    Default Could I be pregnant after a very recent loss?

    I suffered a miscarriage on 10-10-12, bled until 10-28 then started bleeding again 11-2, seemed like a menses cycle, normal bleeding(5-7 days) for me, but spotted off and on for a week afterward. I'm experiencing symptoms of pregnancy again, i.e. nausea/vomitting, headache, back ache, fatigue and a lot of milky white discharge as well as mild abdominal cramping. Since I have no idea when I'm due for my cycle, or if what I experienced after the loss was my cycle, I'm concerned that I may have conceived again. My husband is due home tomorrow night, he is an otr truck driver, we are going to buy a multi pack of tests. If anyone can share any thoughts/opinions on whether I could be preg again I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks and best wishes to you all.

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    Possible. And it is also possible that you did not mc and are just experienced ealry pg bleeding or you did mc but did not expel the product of conception. So when you test and if it comes back + then go to a doc asap to confirm and to date the pg.

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    i woul d also say go to the doctor

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    Last year I miscarried and had a DNC on 12/8 and tested positive on a HPT on about 1/14 (her name is Violet and she is 10 weeks old). So I have to say it is possible that you are indeed pregnant. I read that one is seemingly more fertile right after a m/c. Good luck and hugs!

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    Default Thanks for your responses

    My last labs were negative on 11/8. No need for D&C, everything had expelled. Took an hpt 11/23 was neg. Doesn't necessarily mean I'm not as almost every time I've been preg they say neg. I have 1 child, a 17yr old daughter, when I was preg w her I had neg hpt's until I was nearly 4mos along as well as bleeding almost the whole first tri. Gonna wait a cpl weeks and take another. If still neg and I do not get my cycle I will go for blood work. Thanks for the well wishes, my husband and I would very much like to have a child, has been very hard for us tho. I guess what's meant to be is meant to be. Blessings to you all and thanks again.

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