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Thread: Double stroller travel system?

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    Default Double stroller travel system?

    Do they sell double strollers with two infant car seats or do I need to buy a double stroller and the carriers separately? I am only 14 weeks pregnant right now but was looking online and didn't see anything. If you have a double stroller that fit the infant carriers that you loved, could you please point me in the right direction.


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    Graco has one, but it is heavy.
    We bought the baby jogger city select ( you buy an extra adaptor for the second seat). It seems easy and light to use. Our twins are due till Sept. so don't have any real advice but that is what we have done. I'm also planning on using it with one and wearing the other...might be easier in some situations that way

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    I found one company that made a double with two infant seat, but they discountuned it about a year ago. I went ahead and just bought the two carseats I wanted and got the baby trend double snap n' go stroller. It was almost impossible to find a double stroller that would take two infant carseat that wasn't ridiculously expensive. So I will you the snap n' go until they are out of the infant carseats, then get a cheaper double for them.

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    We used a double snap n go with the infant car seats. You can usually get one used pretty cheap as they don't last for that many months. I would suggest for any stroller you buy, you practice folding and lifting it in the store. Double strollers can be very heavy. Even reading the weights, didn't make it clear to me just how heavy 40 pounds is. The snap n go is superlight and the city mini jogger that we currently use is also very light. GL!

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    I have a graco duoglider that fits two graco car seats. I hated my snap and go which we got first. But we bought it used and it steered really badly. I don't know if it was an older model or broke or if that is normal. I like the duoglider and it steers much better. It does take up more room and is heavier. The weight doesn't bother me. If I had to do it over I would buy one of the really expensive ones used. Probably worth the money since we use it a lot. We are still using the duoglider and my twins are 14 months. We use it with and without car seats now. The front seat is not adjustable though and is locked in the same position. We got it at babies r us during a trade in event for 120 or so.

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    This is the one I am coveting - it is sold in the UK. I am hoping to hit the lottery to get it...LOL

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    I don't have multiples but do have the Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller which accommodates two baby trend car seats. We love the stroller but never had to use to infant car seats at one time. I'm pretty sure that you'll have to buy two cars seats separately - you don't really save any money buying a "travel system" anyway.
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    I fibbed! The one I posted before is my 2nd covet...LOL...This is the one I REALLY want

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    I have a double snap n go, which works fine for now. I got it on Craigs List. There's no way I'd pay full price for one. And I just got a City Mini Double (also from CL), which I LOVE. I use it for when we go places where we'll be walking more. I use the snap n go for when we need to make several stops and I don't want to get them in and out of their carseats multiple times. I felt it was more important to get a long term stroller that I loved than to get a double travel system, since none of the strollers that fit two carseats seemed all that great to me.

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    Oh, and yes, the snap n go steers terribly. It's pretty cruddy when it comes to maneuverability.

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    I got a Double Snap-n-Go from Craig's List, too ($30). I have a Graco car seat from my DS and we'll buy a second before babies arrive. I figured that we won't be using the DSnG too long, but it's very handy in the early days to be able to move the LOs into a stroller while still in their car seats. My DS often fell asleep in the car and I hated the idea of waking a sleeping baby! Once they're a little older, we'll buy a nice jogging stroller--I hear from lots of twin moms that the City Mini is great.

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    We borrowed a double snap n go from a twin mom at my church. We now use this from tike tech and really like it: We've gone hiking with it and it's awesome.

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    I like that Tike Tech stroller a lot. Love how it folds up and how you can maneuver the sunshades of the seats. Plus, it's got plenty of the carry on space below. That would be worth investing in. I think.
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