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    Ok so I can't get a clear picture because my camera is just being stupid, but you can sort of get the idea of it. Please let me know what you see cause it doesn't look like just one to my husband and me! (I am really hoping I am technologically advanced enough to attatch it, if not I'll get my 6yo to do it)

    soccer fall 2012 to early US pics 088.JPG

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    Sorry way too blurry for me to tell...but are there 3 sacs?!

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    Um, yes. That sort of has us...concerned to put it mildly. What we don't understand is that the middle sack is the one she said was empty but I swear with my totally untrained eyes there is something in there. The id'd baby is on the right and midwife said no idea what the sack like thing on the left is.

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    I think you need to get another u/s!

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    Yeah I would get a second look, maybe with better equipment. We clearly and plainly saw all three of mine...with HB's at 6 weeks.

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    I'm so not good at reading ultrasounds but it looks like your intuition about multiples was right. Congratulations!
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    I agree with TripMomma. There was no mistaking that I was having twins at my first u/s (9weeks).

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