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Thread: Cloth diapers....why or why not?

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    I did cloth diapering for awhile with DD and liked it. It wasn't feasible when I was in grad school and her daycare does not do cloth diapering so we were back to using disposables at that point. I have used disposables with DS almost entirely, due to the same reasons. Now that I am done with school I am working full time and don't have a lot of time and we are still using the same daycare (it is a great daycare, this is really the only slightly negative thing I could say about it).

    Almost all of the cloth diapers I have are bumGenius pocket diapers. It is no more messy than disposables, baby poop gets all over the place so often with disposables anyways so its really no biggy to rinse off/shake off the poop from a cloth diaper. It likely requires a lot of time for me to do cloth diapers because I don't have a huge supply of cloth diapers so I need to wash them often or I can't keep up. Sometimes on the weekends I do put DS in cloth diapers to save a few disposables.

    ETA: I have no problems with leakage with bumGenius. I do have one Happy Heinys diaper that worked well for a few uses and now leaks whenever I try it (though this is a version from 3 years ago).
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