Wow, seems like a lot is going on in here - I love it!
KTBelle - good luck tomorrow!! I think twins would be fun
Yellow- fingers are so crossed for you! Here's hoping for a BFP in your near future!
Gwenn - wouldn't it be nice to get a a little print out of explanations for all of the things our bodies do?!
AFM - I had my follow up appt today. Definitely a few spots of what they believe is retained placenta that has calcified - again, how in the world did my old OB miss this??!!?? I have an urge to email him just to let him know in case it happens to someone else, kwim? Anyway, hysteroscopy/D and C scheduled for Sept. 7th. Should be pretty routine, but a bit more "scraping" since it's calcified and slightly embedded in the endometrium. This "should" clear up the bulk of our fertility issues. DH's sa came back normal. So unless I miraculously get pregnant this cycle, hopefully we will be good to go in October!