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I went for CD5 b/w yesterday and they decreased my Follistim dosage and told me to come in on Monday for u/s and b/w. They didn't tell me what my level was and I didn't even ask because last time all it did was stress me out! Then today they called me again and said, actually he wants you to come in on Tuesday instead of Monday, and take a higher dosage tonight and back to the lower dosage tomorrow. Confusing! I hope it all works out but I'm a little worried that they told me the wrong thing yesterday and that I should still have been on the higher dosage last night. Oh well, guess there is nothing I can do about it now... just doing what I'm told!

Any updates from 2ww'ers???
Can't wait to hear about your US on Tuesday.....hope that the dosing changes work out to make great follies for you...I can understand it stresses you out when they change their mind and tell you different things, but you just have to trust them....but not always easy!

I am 6dpo today....not much going on, I felt nauseous this morning on my way home from work but who knows what that was about....probably nothing though! I am also tired but I think the progesterone makes me that way...along with my wacky work schedule this week..( nights back to days with only one day off sucks) ...so nothing really to report....just still waiting...hope you ladies are doing well!