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So the follie was ready....he didn't tell me how big just said it was a go. Got my Hcg trigger in the office and IUI tomorrow. Then I go to the office on we'd for my injectables class....three times in one week I will be there...starting to feel like a second home..lol oh well at least I really like the office! I have a terrible headache..sometimes I get one around ovulation so I am gonna take advantage of nap time and rest myself.

How's everyone else doing?
Sorry about the headache but that's great your follie is ready to go. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

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Yellow_hope you are feeling better and that your IUI goes well. Good Luck!

Katie_ Sorry once again.

Gwenn_ Have you tested.

AFM_ Had a nice weekend with my family for the funeral and a family reunion that was already scheduled there. Feeling hormonal and waiting on af, she's not due for a couple more days so no testing and don't think I'm pregnant.
I hope the funeral was as okay as such things can be.

I'm waiting until Wednesday to test. I can't decide if I'm having symptoms or not - I don't have a strong feeling one way or the other.