Add me to the curious. I love pineapple and if pineapple core helps in anyway,I'm for it.

Yellow_ I'm so sorry about the BFN, makes me sad for you.

Sara_ I hope your Dr is willing to do the Provera. I think I would have already flipped out and needed admitted to the hospital if I had a 75 day cycle. Urgh

Gwenn_ How are things going? I've been thinking about you.

AFM_ I believe I ovulated this weekend. Early! Cycle day 10-11 we bd but who knows. Ice therapy was very painful for Dh so he hasn't done it again. Who knows if he will at least he tried. I'm trying not to focus so much on get pregnant and trying to enjoy life more. I'm a christian and my spiritual walk has really been effected by this 4 yrs journey so I'm refocusing on that very important part of my life. I know there are people who don't agree or aren't comfortable with my beliefs so if I have offended anyone please know that was not my wish or desire.