My 8 mo. old boy suffocated yesterday morning in our bed. He wedged himself between the head board and mattress. It was so sad and shocking pulling him out of there when I woke up not knowing if he was ok or how long he had been there....needless to say he didn't survive. He was so precious and sweet. He LOVED his Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister so much. And we love him so much too. DS is 4 and is questioning things but DD is 10 and is having a hard time. Any advice on how to help DD through this will be much appreciated. I will be around and may not post much but I am nevertheless here.... His burial will be Thursday morning. We went to see him at the funeral home tonight and they let me hold his precious little body(they wouldn't let me before the autopsy when he first went to the hospital). He was just so sweet and we don't even know what to do now. One day at a time sounds so cliche but I guess that's what it will be....we will take it one day at a time.

Anyway, I am very sad to join the rest of you here. I never thought I would become a part of this group.