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Thread: weird question about depression and anxeity and evil

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    Default weird question about depression and anxeity and evil

    I hope that no one take offense at this or thinks I am asking a stupid question.

    I have bouts of depression and anxiety. It's carryover from a very abusive baby/childhood. I've had specialist see some mild grey matter damage from abuse that could cause me to chemically not always be balanced moodwise (of course this is theory) and I have been told that when you grow up in a dangerous situation, that the body doesn't know how to turn the fight or flight mechanism off and you can get anxiety or depression when you don't "need" to.

    Anyway, I know that some people don't agree with this and that is fine. It sounds good but also sounds like a lot of scientific guesses for something that isn't easy to explain. All I know is that I have problems with depression when there is no reason to be depressed and anxiety when there is no reason to be anxious.

    Well I am having a bout of very bad depression and anxiety. I feel terrible, crying, panic attacks, feeling that the world will be better if I wasn't in it. I am trying to trudge through it, got some new medicine from my shrink. I will go back to work tomorrow. I have been through this before and know this is all not permanent and is not true but it really is hard to keep perspective some moments. I've been reading a lot of God's promises to bolster me up and they help some.

    Well my MIL says that this is a demon attack. She said that my DH got a promotion, we've been going to church, we've really gotten back into reading our Bibles, family prayer, and other stuff we had been ignoring for a long time and the devil wants to steal our joy and keep us from God. I do believe in evil and the presence of evil but...well I don't know about me being important enough to "attack". I mean what would be the point?

    Do people really believe that? I thought that was sort of an old fashioned notion of mental illness. Is my MIL just being weird? She tends to have some pretty conservative and simple understandings of Biblical things - which is not a bad thing, she just is not terribly sophisticated.

    Thank you for humoring me and giving me your Christian perspectives. I really look at this as a physical illness with mental manifestations and could even see that evil would take advantage of my weakness in order to bring me down...but is this just demon attack?!

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    My thinking is usually more along the conservative side, I do believe in attacks from the enemy, however I don't believe every little difficult thing in life is the enemy. I do think people tend to over look Satan and his power in our current day though...

    John 8:44 tells us "You belong to your father, the devil,and you want to carry out your fatherís desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    I Jesus' reference of him as a 'liar and the father of lies' is really important to remember!

    1 Peter 5:8 also says, "
    8 Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

    I think there times that we are more vulnerable to attacks and Satans main goal of attacking is to draw us away or distract us from God. Its really that simple, when we take our eyes off Jesus, his job is done. Usually the further we drift from God the more we become a part of this world and consumed by all the distractions in it. As a mother (and family) it makes a lot of sense to me why Satan would attack, if he distracts you and your husband, your children and their children are likely to follow and then there are generations who have strayed away from God's plan...

    So even in the midst of 'attacks' I think its really important to focus on Romans 8:28 "
    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been calledaccording to his purpose."

    So even what Satan intends for evil God can use for good!

    Im so sorry your going through this bout of depression, I think it very well could be an attack, but I also think the new treatment plan from your Dr. could also be how God is working through the situation... Only prayer and the holy spirit can reveal all of that to you. I hope you find some relief soon
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    Not a weird question!

    I wonder about that, too, and I agree with Katie that it could be, but not that everything hard thing is from Satan.

    I will admit that during my ppd after dd#1 that I had feelings of "the world would be better without me" etc. But I also had a lot of spiritual attacks during that time. I'd start thinking that God wasn't real and all of that stuff. It helped to tell myself that I only had those thoughts when I was being my most irrational.

    Either way, it's a hard thing to deal with. and prayers!

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    Honestly, I think that this could be an attack and/or a chemical problem for you that drugs would help. No matter what is going on, praying and reading your Bible will always help. My mom is a certified biblical counselor. Can I share what you have said with her to get her input?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJorn View Post
    Honestly, I think that this could be an attack and/or a chemical problem for you that drugs would help. No matter what is going on, praying and reading your Bible will always help. My mom is a certified biblical counselor. Can I share what you have said with her to get her input?
    Sure, her input would be greatly appreciated!

    I used to go to a Christian counseling place which was AWESOME. They used conventional therapy along with a lot of Biblical support. So I've been reading a lot on Jesus as healer, God's promises to me, stuff like that. And it is really helping. I know that the crazy stuff floating through my head is the illness talking. I just wish I would be able to find somewhere locally that was a good blend of medical and spiritual help. I've looked a little and have only found places which see medicine as unnecessary. I need my medicine!

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    I don't think I can add anything better to what has been said, but just wanted to add my support! Whether this was a "demon attack" or a result of "gray matter", God can help. Be proud of yourself for taking care of yourself. Not everyone is so willing!
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    I wanted to add this: you are one of God's children and He loves you no matter what. He is always by your side ready to comfort you. We all have trials, but He promised to help us through them. Just don't give up and keep talking to Him. Prayers for you.

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