PPD- Post partum depression
DD- Due date
TTYL: Talk to you later
TTFN-Ta ta for now
BTDT- Been there, done that
AP: Attached parenting
NFL: Natural family living
NFP: Natural family planning
NPP: Not preventing pregnancy
BC: birth control
OP- original poster
OMG- Oh my gosh
LOL- Laughing out load
ROFL- Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO- rolling on floor laughing my arse off
LMAO- Laughing my arse off
TMI- too much information
BM- breast milk
EBF- exclusively breastfed/ breast feeding
BCP- birth control pills
ITA- I totally agree or in total agreement
ETA- edited to add
EMM- expressed mother's milk
OALD (overactive letdown)
EP/EPing/EPer (exclusive pumping/pumper)
EBM (expressed breastmilk),
NAK (nursing at keyboard)
NIP (nursing in public)
WTDBOAFTB (whip the darn boob out and feed the baby)
CD- Cloth diapering
Fluff-also used to refer to cloth diapering (I know it isn't an acronym but I swear it took me a few minutes to decipher)
Sposies- disposable diapers (again, not an acronym, but commonly used).
LC- Lactation consultant
OT-off topic
SCDYD - Stop Causing Drama You Dinkalope

1ww- One-week wait
2WW: Two-week wait (until you can take a pregnancy test)
AF: Aunt Flo(w), your period (menses)
BBT: Basal Body Temperature
BD: Baby dance, sex
BFN: Big Fat Negative (test result)
BFP: Big Fat Positive (test result)
CB: Cycle Buddy (someone who shares the same menstrual cycle/ovulation dates)
CD: Cycle day
CF: Cervical fluid
CL: Corpus luteum
CLC: Corpus luteum cyst
CM: Cervical mucus
CP: Cervical position
CY: Cycle
DI: Donor Insemination
DH: spouse or significant other
DF: Sear Fiance
DBF-Dear Boyfriend
FOB: Father of baby
DPO: Days past ovulation
DTD: Doing the dance, sex
EW: Eggwhite (re: consistency of cervical mucus)
FMU: First morning urine
hCG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (pregnancy hormone)
HSG-hysterosalginogram; die test for tube defects
HPT: Home Pregnancy Test
IF: Infertility
IUI: Intra-uterine Insemination
IVF: In Vitro Fertilization
LH: luteinizing hormone
LMP: Last Menstrual Period
LP: Luteal phase
LPD: Luteal phase defect
O: Ovulation
OPK: Ovulation predictor kit
PCOS (POS): Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
PG: Pregnancy, pregnant
S/A: Sperm/semen analysis
SHG-Sonohysterogram; saline U/S test for uterine/tube abnormalites
TCOYF: Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book)
TTC: Trying to conceive

M/C: miscarriage
BO: Blighted Ovum
MM (or M/A, but it disturbs me) : missed miscariage, missed abortion.
CP: chemical pregnancy

Normal language
BTDT - been there done that
KWIM - know what I mean?
YK - ya' know?
IMO - in my opinion
IMHO - in my honest opinion
TIA - Thanks in advance
WWYD - what would you do
DH - dear husband
DSO - dear significant other
DF - dear fiance
DBF - dear boyfriend
DD - dear daughter
DS - dear son
DSD - dear step-daughter
DSS - dear step-son
FF - formula feeding
BF - breastfeeding