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    If you bf your multiples, at what age did you wean and was it difficult? I am still tandem nursing at 10 months but it is getting harder. I want to make it until a year although I will probably need to supplement soon.

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    I tandem nursed my twins until they were two! It wasn't hard to wean them. I hope you reach your goal!!!!

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    I slowly started weaning at a little after a year - that is, I stopped pumping at work and I wasn't able to keep my supply up very well after that. I kept nursing at night for a while, but I night-weaned at 15 months. Weaning wasn't difficult for me or the babies, either, and I did it the same way with my singleton since it was so smooth. I just transitioned to cow's milk and sippy cups a little bit at a time, and since they liked being on the go so much, and they weren't really settling down for long nursing sessions so much, they did pretty well. Night-weaning was harder, but we were co-sleeping and I did it without crying within a week.

    You have done a great job to make it to 10 months, and I hope you can make it a few months more. If you need to supplement, it won't be too much. Congratulations!

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    10 months??? GREAT JOB!!! i BF my twins for 6 months and my body just stopped producing milk but i wouldve LOVED to make it to a year!! GOOD LUCK

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    Congrats on 10 months! I'm still nursing the girls. I imagine that around a year I'll start cutting back and just keep the before bed nursing or the one right when they wake up, whichever they'd prefer, for as long as they'd like. That's what I did with my older kids.

    Oh, I just realized you posted this in March. How did things go?
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    Just saw your response Sakura so I figured I would give a belated response. We made it bf exclusively until 1 year and gradually switched to milk at daycare. They still nurse twice a day at 18 months. I am going to try to wean over Christmas since we got a surprise bfp and I am eight weeks pregnant with just one baby this time.

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    Mine are nearly 8 months old and going strong. I'm hoping to wean a bit after a year. I nursed DS for 3 years, but I'd kind of like to have my body back.

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