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    Okay, ladies! I am going stir crazy! It is too cold mostly to take the boys out in the stroller and I don't want to take them anywhere with crowds. We could do a car ride, but they will just fall asleep. Ideas for mommy to not go crazy and for my boys to have experiences?! I have asked for friends to come over, but mostly they are busy with there lives and I'm not the person I was before these boys, so it has been hard! I'm going to join the multiples group in Jan ( but maybe I should before just to talk with them as they have an active blog). Just throwing a line out for some help!

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    The triplets were mid July babies, came home mid time for a little fun before RSV and Cold&Flu season hit. We didn't leave the house except for a few special times that first winter season. I didn't want them sick and honestly I was too tired to even think about getting myself ready and taking 3 babies anywhere by myself. The babies didn't care if we went out or not anyways LOL. If it were me I would just cool my jets at home. Hang in there.

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    We have a big mall near us that opens at 7am for walking. I was up early anyhow so I didn't mind going early. There were a few older people walking but I waved very nicely and kept moving to discourage any sort of contact with the babies. It worked great and even after a bad night, a brisk walk helped me get it together.
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    Thanks, Ladies! Advice that I needed!

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    We go to the zoo every other weekend right now. I'm not too concerned about the germs since I have a 6 year old in school that bring everything home already...

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    It was 70degrees today and went went for a nice stroll!

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