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    Give a short (like two or three lines) of information about who you are and I will update the #1 post so we can quickly look and see who is who

    chelseyfay32: Chelsey (26) and Matt (26). We've been married 4 years this summer. It took us 7 months to get BFP, which ended in M/C back in 2009. We've been ttc ever since and no luck. We've been going through fertility testing the past 6 months and everything is normal I just finished my first round of Clomid just over a week ago.

    Coley:Nicole (34) just came back to the forum after a few years absence. STC since 2010. On my third round of Clomid. O'd around CD 15 or 16. Currently in the TWW.

    DJackson: Debra (29), DH (36), I have PCOS. We STC #1 and became pregnant nearly 1.5yrs after beginning TTC. STC#2 since Jan 2009, did 3 rounds of clomid (2 timed intercourse and 1 IUI) at the end of '09 early 2010. Started seeing a chiro/nutritionist/acupuncturist for the rest of 2010. 2011 I participated in a PCOS study at the University, did 5 cycles with femara and got pregnant between cycles 4 and 5, had a miscarriage in June 2011. Just starting up treatment w/a new RE and feel it's a fabulous fit. Inducing AF now and then we'll be doing femara/injectibles and IUI. *Expecting Dec 2012*

    Four Gulls: Mary (37) Chris (36), TTC #5 since 2010. Suffered a miscarriage at 14 weeks and have been unable to conceive since. Started seeing a RE in June of 2011 and have had four failed IUI's and am currently on meds for my fifth IUI. RE suggests IVF but insurance won't cover until it has been two years of documented infertility. Good luck to everyone!!

    Gwenn: Mandy (38), Kevin (44). Began TTC in fall 2007. BFP 7/19/2008, miscarriage 7/22/08. STC ever since. DH deployed in 2010 and came home spring of 2011. Fall of 2010, started working with an RE. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. I also have MTHFR, which I knew before we began TTC. Currently on 50mcg of thyroid hormone and 3000mcg folic acid as of fall 2011. Anovulatory cycle November 2011, RE suspected I may be developing PCOS but as yet unconfirmed. First medicated cycle began Jan 9, 2012. 100mcg Clomid, ovidrel trigger shot. Waiting for beta...

    ktbelle97: Katie (32) and DH (31), Dx with PCOS. STC almost 2 years with DS (born March 2011), he was conceived on IUI #7. NPP for 15 months since, but have not ovulated at all. Back at the RE July 2012 to start Follistim/IUI.

    mattiehatter:Mary (23) and Mark (36) TTC our first together since May 2010 (npp at first then full blown ttc). Four prior m/c before I met DH and 2 chemicals in April 2011 and June 2011. I have an appointment with my Obgyn to discuss the potential of PCOS on February 24th.

    Midgetlb6:( Lucy) 43 , DH Michael 39, STC since Oct 09. Haven't seen a speicalist and haven't been told that there are medical reasons for not getting pregnant other than I release immature eggs which I am told comes with my age. Have done clomid, trigger's and even an IUI currently on 2nd round of Femara .5
    Mc July of 2011 after getting BFP in May 09 which we were told that without med's we could not and would not get pregnant. Mc was Tri 16.

    MissAlexandra: ali (26) dh tom (26): irregular annovulatory cycles, unexplained recurrent misscarriages,im a perfect test taker and all my numbers are text book perfect.. it took us 2 ish years and 3 confirmed m/c until we were blessed with our ds (2) was very sick when our miracle boy was concieved on cd8 put on progesterone 3 times a day for the first 11 weeks. Currently seeking out genetic testing in hopes of answers been trying for number 2 since june 2010, 3 chemicals and 2 m/ c since then... *expecting Nov 2012*

    mommiehopeful2013: Samantha (31) & Kevin (33) been TTC since November 2000 I have PCOS. Did a cycle of 100mg Clomid in June and Trigger shot on July 3. Hoping to get really good news this coming Wed.

    Prayin4baby: (Kimberly 32) DH (Sean) from Georgia, STC since August 11. I have one DS, (Kaleb 3 born 12-03-08). I have Lupus, Antiphopholipid symdrome and Hasimotos, which is a lot of big words that mean having children can be very complicated. I have had multiple miscarriages and I am about to go through my second round of Clomid and Prometruim if this cycle did not take. I used this website when I was pregnant with DS and loved everyone so much that I decided to come back again. Without the thoughts, comments and prayers of all of you I don't know if I would have ever made it through my last pregnancy. *Expecting Oct 2012*

    Preciousnd98: Anne (35) and DH (35). We have one DD Olivia who turned 2 in November. I was quite active in here when we STC with her due to "unexplained infertility". It took 15 months, including 2 cycles of Clomid+Ovidrel+IUI to find success. We went straight to our RE when we reached the 6 month mark this time. So far we have done all of the initial testing. I meet with the RE next week and as long as everything looks good, we will hopefully be starting with the same process that gave us Olivia next month! *Expecting Nov 2012*

    Rebeccaw0511: (Rebecca,21) DH(Juan,24) Diagnosed with PCOS in 2008. Been STC since 2009. Pregnant when I was 16 miscarried twins at 61/2 months preg, have not been able to conceive since. Started TPmg of clomid when I was 19 and now back on clomid 100mg starting this next cycle in Feb2012.also been on Metformin since July of 2011. Hopeing that the clomid will help. No ultrasounds with it this cycle but will do CD21 bw. If no shccess will be monitoring next cycle and doing more to help me ovulate.:-)

    Sammilynn: 21, DH (Troy) 26, TTC #2 since March 2011. 3 m/c in 2011. Dx with Balanced Translocation of 6 &16, PCOS/insulin resistance, Over clotting, Anemic. Doctors Suggest IVF with PGD to conceive but we are leaving it to fate now.

    Shannon214:Shannon (25) DH (30): PCOS & Insulin Resistance, Started trying in September 2010, Chemical pregnancy November 2010, Miscarriage May 2011, Went through 2 failed Clomid + TI cycles, Clomid + IUI worked but resulted in an ectopic pregnancy and my left tube was removed. We will do IUIs in 2012 and if unsuccessful, will look to IVF. *Expecting Feb 2013*

    Songbird_kay: Robin, 30 (PCOS) & Aaron, 36 (Oligospermia). More than 5 years TTC. In 5 years I had 4 miscarriages, was then diagnosed with and beat complex endometrial hyperplasia with atypia, underwent a year of failed treatment before resolving to lose weight, lost 125 pounds, got pregnant and miscarriaed again, more failed treatments, lost 20 more pounds, now trying to raise up funds while I wait to consult with a world renowned REI. *Expecting Nov 2012*

    The J Team: Jessica (31) and Jonathan (31) TTC #2 since May 2011. DH diagnosed with balanced Robertsonian translocation of chromosomes 14 and 21. Missed miscarriage at 12 weeks 9/08; DD (2.5) born 8/09 with same translocation. Saw RE on 1/30/12; waiting for next cycle so we can begin preliminary blood work and then we need to decide if IVF with PGD (recommended by RE) is the best option for us.

    TSummers: (Tracy 29) DH (Jim 29), STC #2 since June 2010. I have one DS who is three (5-28-08). I am currently on MACA and ChasteBerry for ovulating issues. Just started temping this cycle. I have had all the infertility testing as well as dh has had a SA and everything came back normal except for my ovulating. *Expecting Nov 2012*

    Yellow Jocelyn (32) DH (39): We struggled to conceive our daughter for about 18mo with two chemicals but got pregnant on our first cycle of Clomid and needed progesterone supplements and she was born 6/2010. Prior to DD I had irregular/annovulatory cycles that made it difficult. Since having her I have regulated and have always had a + OPK so I was hopeful that it would happen quickly the second time. No such luck... We have been NPP since march and actively TTC since June. I had a failed Clomid cycle last month and am currently finishing day four of Clomid today
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