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    A dear friend of mine just got a positive beta after IVF. HCG was 1900 on day 15 after 3 day transfer. Does anyone have any feedback? That sounds REALLY good to me, but my last (first) beta was like 19! Lol. Thanks in advance!

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    It sounds like she's pregnant to me! How exciting! I can't remember my numbers exactly, but I was in the thousands around that time after my successful IVF. Good luck to your friend!
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    Wow that's high! Hope she has a HH 9 months!

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    Thanks ladies! I appreciate your help! This was their 4th and final try at IVF. We are all hoping for a sticky hh bean!

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    That's wonderful! Mine was 1200 at 14dpt (3dt). Congratulations to your friend!

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    Any update...did their last try at IVF work?

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    So far.. So good. Second beta was in the high 4000's and first u/s at 5 weeks 6 days showed a (1) sac. No visible yolk yet so not quite out of the woods. Next U/S is Wednesday! Hoping to see a heartbeat!

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    Thank you so much for thinking of her! This has been a VERY long journey!!

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    That is good news so far...please KUP! Thinking good thoughts for them

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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