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Thread: Donating and Receiving donor milk

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    I know that many women have to supplement or struggle with supply issues. I didn't know that donor milk was available when I was struggling with Andrew. Now that I am pumping way more than Logan will take, I am in the process of donating directly to another mom in my area.

    Here are some great resources:

    Human milk for babies

    Their FB page:!/hm4hb

    on the left hand side they have community pages. you can find your state and like that page. The discussion tabs are where you can find donor milk or donate. This is a free service.

    Anyone have any more resources? Anna??

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    AnnaC Guest


    HM4HM is all I would suggest! Milk sharing is a wonderful thing.

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    One, if not the "original" mom-to-mom donation sites I used several years ago, and still post on when I have extra is Milkshare: They use a forum (also by state, with an option for those willing to ship/recieve shipped milk) for connecting.

    Eats on Feets,, is another FB-based group, though they have less chapters, I believe, than HM4HB. I believe there was some kind of shakedown between the organizers of Eats on Feets and HM4HB and they split ways, but I gleaned that from reading an article somewhere and honestly don't know much about that.

    Of course there are the banks too- a Google search for milk bank donation will give you several qualified results. If there isn't one near you, you can often find one that will accept frozen, shipped milk, and pay for all the blood work and supplies to ship, too. Most banks work with Prolacta for processing.

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    we should sticky this.. so many people could use these links..

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    I made another donation this past weekend. I finally got to meet the mom that I have been donating to. (I was giving her friend the milk since she lives 3 hours away). I gave her 250 ounces this time. (I've donated 500 ounces to date)

    Here's all of us..

    the milk I donated this time

    Donating or receiving donor milk is just a click away.. There are some links posted above.

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    I am a student at the University of Notre Dame and am writing a paper about the possibility of creating a market for buying breast milk. Do you have any opinions about the benefits or consequences of creating this market? Would you be in favor of it? Or what do you believe it could take away from the donation experience? I would appreciate any feedback you could offer me. I can also assure you that your responses would be kept anonymous in my paper.

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