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    Talking Thaby's Fitness Log

    I thought I should keep track of what I'm doing and I can't think of anywhere better than here
    Every week I'd do a weight in and measurements.

    Lose 30 pounds(I gained 10# last month ) and lose stress
    Regain muscle strength, energy, confidence and my sanity
    BMI: 21
    Better my health and most important my heart
    LOOK HOT!!!

    BMI: 31
    weight: 145#
    arms: 11.5"
    chest: 34.5"
    bust: 37"
    waist: 35"
    hips: 40"
    butt: 42"
    thighs: 23.5"
    calves: 14"

    I'm planing to go to the gym twice a day for 1 hour mon.-sat. Wish me luck
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