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Thread: Homeschooling a pre-schooler

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    Came across this blog post and thought it had a lot of good general information on homeschooling a preschooler:
    Mom to two little girls (born 6/08 and 2/11) and another on the way.

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    tiggerlb Guest


    All of this info is very helpful. I am not going to home school but my dd is 4 now and will start kinder garden next year and this stuff will help me get her ready for that. To you ladies with printer ink issues and cartridges. Have you checked into filling them? I have been filling mine for about 6 yrs now. I buy about 2 color and 2 black new every yr and I do a ton of printing due to my dh having his own business. I fill my cartridges about 20 times before I have to replace them. I get the ink and what I need from here If interested check it out and see if your cartridges are able to be refilled and if not they offer great prices on re-manufactured cartridges.

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