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Thread: Homeschooling a pre-schooler

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    Came across this blog post and thought it had a lot of good general information on homeschooling a preschooler:
    Mom to two little girls (born 6/08 and 2/11) and another on the way.

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    All of this info is very helpful. I am not going to home school but my dd is 4 now and will start kinder garden next year and this stuff will help me get her ready for that. To you ladies with printer ink issues and cartridges. Have you checked into filling them? I have been filling mine for about 6 yrs now. I buy about 2 color and 2 black new every yr and I do a ton of printing due to my dh having his own business. I fill my cartridges about 20 times before I have to replace them. I get the ink and what I need from here If interested check it out and see if your cartridges are able to be refilled and if not they offer great prices on re-manufactured cartridges.

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    I wish someone would pick this thread up again. I'm planning to start homeschooling and reading through this thread was really helpful. It would be great to hear other homeschoolers talk about their experiences - curriculum they love, resources they use. My child is currently interested in science experiments - basically little things like coke and mentos type experiments. She seems to have a really healthy sense of curiosity and I want to encourage it.

    I saw a YouTube video yesterday about what was wrong with toys for girls these days. I don't know if you've seen it - but it really made me consider how I was raising my little girl. I have started to bond with her by taking up projects that we can work towards together (This week we're going to make our own rainbow -

    It takes a lot of effort to go through the internet and find things that are tested and appropriate for your child. Since I trust the members on this group, I was hoping you'd help me with things you've tried with your kids that have worked really well. Help?

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    We are continuing with "homeschooling" our 3 and 5 year old. I say "homeschooling" because we are very loosely following a few curriculums I have found. One of the reading ones I found is (I think). I like having a plan to go back to since we have a lot of other things going on right now with a move and my new job, but I have a background in education and find that her curriculum is lacking in areas. It's a good starting point, and we supplement with different activities.

    I have found pinterest to be an excellent resource. I have boards set up by subject and theme. I also follow quite a few early education blogs on Facebook. When they post something that I think I may like, I simply pin it to an appropriate board and can look at all my info that I have when I sit down to plan.

    My older son LOVES workbooks. At age 3, we did a lot of play-based learning, but as he is getting older, I realize that he prefers the traditional way of learning. I have to say, that makes things easier in terms of planning!

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